Painting your home is not a task to be taken lightly. We know, we’re homeowners ourselves.

One of the biggest questions people ask themselves before painting a room, or even the exterior of their home, is “how much will it cost?” Typically, you would go to a painting contractor or to a department store by yourself and add up the total cost of the paint and supplies you need to paint every single room in your home. That isn’t the true price!

In fact, having your home painted for you by a trustworthy, local painting contractor – like JDS – can save you money down the road!

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How Can Residential Painting Services From JDS Painting Save Me Money?

When we paint the interior or exterior of a client’s home, their neighbors often marvel at the beautiful, colorful coat of paint that the walls and surfaces receive. And while we couldn’t agree more, our clients know that they just received much more than a coat of paint.

When you hire JDS as your painting contractor, you actually get:

A protective coating on every newly painted surface

Our paints and primers not only beautify your home, they also combat stains and moisture, saving you loads of cash down the road. The right primer can actually seal your walls from soaking in stains from substances such as juice, wine, and tomato sauce. This comes in handy for families with small, energized children…

Added humidity to your home in the winter

There’s nothing quite like your bathroom full of steam after a hot shower in February, unless all of that steam is making it’s way into your plaster and drywall! By using high quality paint and primer, we help the moisture stay inside the room. This keeps humidity levels comfortable inside your home, and keeps you from having to spend thousands in mold remediation down the road.

Higher value on your home

Even if you are not in the market to sell, it is always best to keep the value of your home at it’s peak. Having JDS paint your home keeps your home looking it’s best. Plus, we only use high-quality supplies from trusted paint companies, so you don’t need to worry about hiring another painting contractor in 12 months.