Finding the Holy Grail of Paint Colors: The Perfect White Paint

When it comes to paint colors, particularly white colors, it can seem like a quest to find the perfect shade among all the options. But there is a reason people keep trying, the perfect white can give your room that crisp, fresh, and clean look that so many of us with chaotic lives feel is peaceful. So while it can be a perilous journey, taking the time to find the perfect white paint will most certainly pay off.

All About the Undertone

You’ve probably heard about all colors having undertones, but with whites it is most evident. Perhaps the easiest way to pick up on undertones if you are in the store looking at paint chips, is to bring along a piece of plain white printer paper and compare the two. Believe me, those undertones will jump out at you, and you’ll be left thinking there is no such thing as “pure white.”

But how do you know which undertone to pick? Whites run the gambit on undertones, from blues to reds to yellows, and even greens. The selecting gets easier when we break down the undertones into warm or cool colors. On the warm side– reds and yellows. And on the cool– blues, and greens. Each temperature corresponds to the way you want the room to feel.

Do you have a lot of bright accent colors in the room? Cool tones will make the colors seem fresh and crisp.

More of a neutrals person? Go with the warmer tones, they will continue the neutral palette you have created, while giving the room some warmth and coziness.

 Get Reflective about your Lighting

While it is true, white is the most reflective color, the lighting in your room is still going to majorly affect your perception of how the room looks. If you are blessed with lots of natural light in a room, it can handle pure white. Whereas, if you are looking to brighten up that finished basement that has only artificial light, picking whites with more pigmentation will keep it fresh, but prevent the room from feeling clinical. When you have reached the end of your color selection and have narrowed it down to just a few colors, it is never a bad idea to purchase some sample cans and try them out on different areas of your room: both that sunny spot over by the window, and that corner over by the closet.

Now, with this knowledge you have newly attained, go forth! Happy Grail hunting! But if the journey gets too rough, know we here at JDS are well-experienced in the way of the white paint, and would happy to lend a hand.

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