Bring on the Holiday Parties: The Perfect Time to Get your Home Painted

So we’ve finally calmed down from all the vacations, camps, and pool parties of summer and have settled into the structured schedule of fall. No more AC’s running 24/7, just the cool autumn breezes. Go ahead, breathe that crisp air, sigh of relief.

But we know, with the onset of fall, comes the onset of the holiday season–which gives the summer a run for its money in terms of busyness. Pretty soon it’ll be the trinity of holidays– Thanksgiving. Christmas. And New Year’s. And with each of these holidays, come the parties.

Now you may be one of the lucky family members who gets to go to a relative’s home for the holidays. Maybe you aren’t quite the matriarch or the patriarch of the family yet, and still get to pack up your casserole in that nice carrier, and tote off to the party, leaving that trashed kitchen to wait till tomorrow.
But we know some of you aren’t that lucky. And who are we to say? Maybe you love hosting the whole family. But one thing is for sure, when you get the family all together for that once a year, BIG PARTY, you want your home looking its festive best.

That’s where JDS Paint comes in. We know you are busy enough digging up the favorite family recipes and getting those decorations down from the attic, that you don’t have the time to tackle a paint job as well. Reach out to us today and we can get your home looking its festive best! The only finger you’ll need to lift, is the one to dial up our number.

Happy Holiday Season!

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