5 Common Exterior Painting Mistakes to Avoid

It’s no coincidence that HGTV has an entire show dedicated to Curb Appeal. First impressions don’t only matter in job interviews, but when it comes to your home as well. Now, whether you are moving and looking to sell your buyers with that first impression, or just want a home that when you pull into the driveway when you get home, makes you go ahhhhh, the exterior appearance of your home makes a big difference.

So, maybe you’ve been binge-watching Curb Appeal, and have noticed that your own street-presence could use a little facelift. So you begin researching how difficult it is to paint the exterior of your home. You were a DIY pro at painting the baby’s nursery indoors, so how much harder can it be outside, right?

The exterior of your home is not only a bigger job in terms of square footage, but also in difficulty. There are many variables once you take a job outdoors, and many can require expensive fixes if not taken care of correctly the first time. To help you avoid these pitfalls, we have…

5 Common Exterior Painting Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Neglecting Surface Prep: It’s easy to forget, but your paint job will only ever look as good as what lies beneath it. When it comes to painting wood siding, scrape off any loose and peeling paint. Don’t forget to sand down those after scraping.
  2. Forgetting to Prime, Prime, Prime: If we take the time to prime our interior walls, it’s no shock that our homes exteriors need primer even more. After all, depending on where you live, that exterior may see: hurricanes, tornados, or temperature variations by 100 degrees throughout the year. So do your siding a favor, and take that extra step to prime. If you are painting old, exposed wood, priming is absolutely necessary.
  3. Mixing Paint and Moisture: One of the ways that can destroy your beautiful paint job the fastest, is moisture in the wrong places. When moisture is allowed to get between the paint and the wood, that is when bubbles and peeling will start to pop up. So before you begin painting, make sure to correctly caulk any open areas, especially those around windows and corner seams.
  4. Not Picking the Correct Paint or Using it Correctly: When selecting the paint you are going to use on the exterior, you may be tempted to skimp for the cheaper options. We know painting the entire exterior of your home can get expensive, but even more expensive will be the cost of fixing a bad paint job. Trust us here, there are a few things in life worth spending the money on to get the best value, and exterior paint is one of them. Make sure, first off, the paint is specifically made for exteriors, then check to make sure the pigmentation is strong. That paint is going to be sitting out there in the sun all summer long, and we want it to keep it’s first beauty as long as possible. The second thing to remember, is to use the paint correctly. Maybe you splurged and decided to go with the expensive paint, so now you want to make it go as far as possible. We hear you here, but be sure you’re following the suggested spread rate. This will prevent you from having to spend more money on more paint coats when you finish and realize the paint is too thin. Proper painting technique will end up saving you repair costs in the end.
  5. Not Paying Attention to Weather: It’s Saturday, you’re home from work, and for once don’t have any plans. We know tight schedules, can make it tempting to jump on that paint job whenever you finally get that chance. But we urge you to take a second and look at what the weather is going to be that day. The last thing you want, is to be sweating out in the hot sun all day, only to have your job be ruined because the heat index was simply too much for your latex paint to handle. So glance at the Weather Channel before you make your plans, and avoid those boiling hot, rainy, or freezing days!

Like we said at the beginning, we understand the importance that the exterior of your home can have. Maybe after reading this, or researching the cost of ladders and paint, you’re thinking you had better call in the big guns. We here at JDS would be happy to step in and get your home exterior all spruced up.

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