4 Keys to Spotting a Well-Done Paint Job

So you have decided to hire the professionals to do that paint job you have been putting off forever, good for you! Now, perhaps you went to the professionals because maybe, to you, someone asking you to paint a wall might as well be them asking you to paint Starry Night–not Gogh-ing to happen. (Hopefully our painting skills are better than our pun ones.) But since you are bringing in an outside party, and hiring professionals, you want to make sure they do a professional job.

Here are 4 Keys to Spotting a Well-Done Paint Job:

1. Proper Pre-Paint Prep

Damage to walls is normal for every home, we live within them don’t we? A skilled professional knows that the paint will only look as good as the wall underneath, and will take the time to inspect, repair and prep the walls before he even gets started.

2. Clean Lines

One of the easiest ways to tell between a high-quality paint job and a mediocre one, is

by looking at the edges. Check the corners where the painter cut in from the ceiling, the lines should be clean and straight, without any paint on the ceiling.

3. No Paint Where it Shouldn’t Be

This one may seem obvious, but on a quick once-over may get missed. It’s only until you try to plug something into that outlet behind the couch, that you realize the painter got paint all over the outlet cover, and just hoped you wouldn’t notice. Quality painters should be meticulous, and never leave drips, splatters, or missed spots. Be sure to check windows and ceiling for accidental paint, these are two common missed spots.

4. Even Coverage

Professionally painted walls should look great from any distance and any angle. Make sure your walls have smooth and consistent coverage by checking the walls at an angle where the light reflects. You should not be able to see any:

  • Roller marks/Brush strokes
  • Drips
  • Thin patches where you can still see the underlying color

The difference between a quality paint job and a mediocre one shows up in the details. The little details are the things that we here at JDS Paint take pride in. If you are looking for a well-done paint job, then look no further and give us a call today!

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